'DesignFILS' being carried out by our General Directorate, is a strategic partnership project in the field of Erasmus + KA2 School Education. The project, which European School Network is also a partner supports innovative practices, aims to design innovative, multi-disciplinary, flexible learning areas with digital skills. A pedagogical framework will be generated by developing real-life learning scenarios at EU level. There are partners from Turkey, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Austria and Czechia. The project implementation period is 36 months. The most important outcomes of the project are the innovative education framework and the online education platform created within this framework.

Within the scope of the project, 8 Pan-European trainers will be provided an international education on technology, scenario-based learning and field design through a multi-disciplinary approach. Trained instructors will provide training for 55 trainers focusing on the “multi-disciplinary approach in innovative learning environments” on online learning platform. The project will develop an approach that supports international policy documents in Europe and 1,750 teachers will be trained on space design, use of technology and development of learning scenarios.