Main Objectives

  • To meet the need for the workforce under the titles of "Science, Technology and Innovation" in an economical way which is also stated in turkey 10th Development Plan and being designed 11th Development Plan.
  • To support the acquisition of 21st century skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, productivity, teamwork and digital skills in innovative learning environments designed correspondent with the objective of 'transformation of knowledge into skill' in 2023 Education Vision.
  • To support the implementation of the scenarios in flexible learning areas by strengthening teachers' skills in developing interdisciplinary learning scenarios with the contribution of project partners.
  • To support the dissemination of good examples and practices in flexible learning areas within the framework of the European Union.
  • To design learning environments in accordance with the requirements of the age by using innovative implementations in the digital field and to study on improving both academic achievement and creative thinking skills of students by developing their learning capacity with innovative learning scenarios in these learning environments.