MINISTRY of NATIONAL EDUCATION General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies (MoNE YEGITEK)

The Directorate General for Innovation and Educational Technologies (YEĞİTEK) is a unit of the Ministry of National Education responsible for studies supporting the technology use, integration and mainstreaming of technologies in education. Some of the main field of work are to monitor and evaluate the new technological developments implemented in education, and enabling the use of technological opportunities in education throughout the country effectively and commonly and enabling every student to benefit from information technologies.

Directorate General will have a crucial role in the dissemination and the mainstreaming of the project with its experience in teacher trainings.

The roles of MoNE YEGITEK in this project will be as follows:

  • To establish Project Team and management plan
  • To follow all tasks in management plan and activity process
  • To decide on related matters with Project Team
  • To support all project stakeholders
  • To carry out dissemination activities
  • To manage financial provisions in the project and enable effective management of financial issues with Project Team.