• Methodological Framework for Innovative Classroom Trainings
  • Guidelines for trainers
  • Evaluation Tool for trainings
  • Scenario-based learning activities
  • Online Training platform

The main objectives of the project are to create new learning environments using information and communication technologies and to develop high-level skills such as scientific, creative and critical thinking by integrating innovative practices in education with STEAM Education that supports 21st century skills and multi-disciplinary learning areas. It is pretty important for the adults to have digital competencies and to use technology correctly in order to grow up healthy individuals in the society. In this context, there is a need for competent teachers and educational first. The trainer trainings for the significant infrastructure will be provided to the teachers during the project.

In addition, it will be given importance to make the educational scenarios to ensure sustainability, which are challenging for students, and based on with real life.

Students are individuals mentally ready to question and any practise they will experience under STEAM education will reinforce their learning desires and support their creative thinking skills.

Plot studies will be carried out to evaluate the consistency of the project for its purposes, to eliminate deficiencies and improve the activities. Also, expert teams in the field will evaluate the process.