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Toner cartridge is a part of every printer. The inkjet printers give production using the liquid ink stowed in its cartridges. On the additional hand, a laser printer everything using the dry or ground form of ink or carbon or color pigments stowed in the toner. Therefore, we can trouble shoot most of the printing problems of a laser printer by repairing the toner. Even if the toner is a expendable part, it is highly luxurious, and replacing the same may not be affordable for many. Henceforth you can use some humble tricks to fix printing errors in the behind cases.

Low Toner Alert

Most people might have understood a low toner alert directly after changing the old cartridge. This communication is not only annoying but also limits people from using their new printer. Resuming the PC and reinstalling the printer software may help you to solve this issue. In some individual belongings, you might have to substitute the cartridge if the one Tsgpc help fixed in the printer is damaged or fault. If replacing the newly bought cartridge is not a practical option for you, hard changing the printer might help in answering the problem. Hard resetting is an easy development but it will be different for different models. Consequently, if you are doing the process on your own, make sure to get proper leadership.

Faded Printouts

Trouble shoot Printer Issues

In this example, your printer will be working and replying to all the commands from your PC properly but it will be giving washed-out, blotched, or flew printouts. It is a common difficult and is produced due to two details. The first is the usage of mistaken or low-quality paper. If the paper you are via is not apposite for your printer, it will disturb the print quality. If you are using the commended quality of paper, then you must check the additional reason, i.e. toner loss. If your printer is giving low class output, remove the toner from the printer and rock it from side to side. Make sure not to vibration the toner as it may cause physical damage. In addition to that, you must make sure not to touch the toner roll since it will also affect the print class.

The above talk about are two of the most common difficulties found in a laser printer. If the problem is not resolute by these tricks, it will be better to contact an adept to fix the issue.