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Protect yourself and your privacy by easily creating an SSH tunnel connection and use it to hide your activity. Pros: ✓ Simple to use and configure. ✓ Easy to start and stop. ✓ Status report for the service and log. ✓ Settings/parameters for tunnel creation. ✓ Safeguards against multiple instance connections. ✓ Send/receive files as well as webpages for gaming. ✓ Watch Netflix and YouTube right on your PC. ✓ All in all, a very useful tunneling app. Cons: ✓ Multiple instances of the tunneling service can be a little bit "nerdy". ✓ There's no option to set your proxy settings. ✓ You can't encrypt your transmissions. ✓ Only available for Windows. A word about privacy You should know that creating an SSH tunnel connection allows for the sharing of information between two or more computers (i.e. the host, the client and the server). This is similar to having a man-in-the-middle relationship on the Internet. "Man-in-the-middle" isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can be very dangerous if it goes wrong. Examples include: 1. The man-in-the-middle is a hacker who steals your information. 2. The man-in-the-middle is an employee who spies on you for the sake of monitoring what you do, if that means anything to you. 3. The man-in-the-middle is a website owner who lets you get around geo-blocked websites for the sake of increasing their traffic. You can find out more about what an SSH tunnel is and what it entails here: Paradox Interactive has announced that the PC version of Neverwinter, the free-to-play PC MMORPG based on the Dungeons & Dragons universe, is now available, and the game is set to receive new adventures in the coming months. Ner... Learn how to use the "Account Management" page on to effectively manage your all your SOmetrics accounts including your Analytics accounts, Revenue Funnels, Custom Audiences, and more! In this video, Albert Rensink demonstrates how to set up an... I, Jake McRobert, am a volunteer on the forum.

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============== Ssh Tunnel Easy Crack Keygen is an easy to use tool that helps you create SSH tunnels and connect to them. Use this tool for protecting your privacy while surfing the Web, while gaming or performing other online activities. What is a SSH Tunnel? ============== SSH is a protocol for remote login over networks which is very secure as a result. Ssh Tunnel Easy relies on a technique called SSH tunneling to connect to a remote server and use its services without exposing your IP. SSH Tunnel Easy Features: ===================== - Open SSH Tunnel - Create a SSH tunnel and connect to it - Customizable name - Proxy support - SSH compatible proxy settings - User defined proxy settings - Auto close of program when multiple instances are found - Programmable autostart - Detailed system status including logs - Connect to server automatically - Detailed connection information with an IP address - Log viewer with system status - Tunnel name history - Easy user interface - Integrated help/tutorial - Large usage community forum and request feedback - Automatic scanning of programs for autostart and auto close - Fully featured proxy server - Completely resizable UI - Works under both 32 and 64 bit Windows platforms - Free for home and commercial use What is it? 1. A shell on steroids that lets you get more done in less time with system utilities, bash scripts, Windows batch files, Perl, Ruby, Python, and other scripting languages. 2. Scripts to automate routine tasks, collect, and organize data. 3. A practical tool to script workflows in Windows. What Can Rufus Do? 1. Install Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. 2. Mount ISO image files. 3. Create bootable ISO images of DVDs and USB thumb drives. 4. Install and manage Ubuntu (and many other) packages with ease. 5. Setup networking on top of a network. 6. Write and edit scripts. 7. Control Windows machines remotely. 8. Mount ISO and VMDK images on demand. 9. Automatically mount and unmount ISO images and VMDK files using mount.exe. 10. Creates and injects Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, or Debian Live media. 11. Mount ISO, VMDK and VHD files on demand. 12. Clone disks or 2f7fe94e24

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SSH Tunnel Easy is one of the applications that can help you achieve this without significant efforts by letting you create an SSH tunnel connection and use it to hide your activity from unwanted parties. Helpful wizard Once you start the application, you'll be greeted by a handy configuration wizard that enables you to create a tunnel server and connect to it in no time. You simply need to assign it a name, type an SSH host address and a password in the designated fields, choose a port (22 will be selected by default) and define a proxy server, if you plan on using one. Start and stop tunnelling easily After you have successfully configured your SSH server, you can start and stop the tunnel service at the press of a button. You can do so by just pressing the "Start" button in the main window to launch it and pressing it again when you're done using it. You will also receive a Windows notification whenever the service becomes active or when you stop it. The main window of the app also lets you view a log and the status of the service, as well as other useful information, by navigating to the tabs at the bottom of the window. Tunnel-by-program It is possible that you can tunnel only certain programs on your computer by creating multiple profiles. When doing so, you can mention an ID, define a program path and the working directory, as well as assigning parameters and autostarting the program when the UI does. More so, some apps (such as web browsers on your system) can be automatically closed if multiple instances are detected so that you won't break your stealth if you accidentally open other instances that are not tunneled. Handy tunnel service that can be easily configured Bottom line, if you aim to protect your privacy while using various online services, you might consider using Ssh Tunnel Easy, as it can help you do so. However, it requires at least medium PC skills and a bunch of know-how on what SSH tunneling is and how it works. You are viewing the demo website of FreeSSHNet, the developer of Ssh Tunnel Easy, a handy software that lets you use an SSH server, create an SSH tunnel connection and use it to hide your activity from unwanted parties. NOTE that we do not claim any intellectual property related to this application, and all rights belong to the FreeSSHNet team. Ssh Tunnel Easy Download Page: License: You are free

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• An app that turns your computer into an SSH server and hides your activity from unwanted parties. • A wizard-driven configuration interface. • A main window with tabs that make it easier to find out key info about the setup and the service. • A log and status window. • An auto-expire feature. • A way of selecting and opening programs for your desired services. • Multiple profiles for your desired services. • Port forwarding settings. • Start and stop the service easily without having to worry about its activity or what it's doing in the background. • A notification system letting you know when your service is active. • A comprehensive manual to assist you with your configuration. Key features of Ssh Tunnel Easy An SSH Tunnel helps you to use your computer as an SSH server and provide secure and private access to various online services. • Create an SSH tunnel based on the Settings tab of the main window. • Start and stop the service easily through the "Start" and "Stop" buttons. • Reset the tunnel and restart it in the main window. • Change the working directory for the tunnel and set the Port forwarding settings at the bottom of the main window. • Define any proxy server you use with the Proxy server section at the bottom of the main window. • Set parameters for a program. • Select and open a program for the tunnel by mentioning its full path. • A log and status window. • View a log from the main window to easily locate important information. • Perform a backup. • Choose an auto-expire feature that allows you to stop the service if an unwanted program or an SSH tunnel login becomes active. • Create and manage multiple profiles. • Indicate if you'd like to end-in-forever the service if it becomes active more than once. • A way to quickly open URLs. • Change the behavior of your tunnel if there is a violation. • A comprehensive manual to assist you with your tunnel setup. An SSH tunnel hides the activity of your computer from unwanted parties like cyber criminals or cyber spies. • Define your SSH server. • Assign a name, password, host and port. • Set up port forwarding to an arbitrary SSH server. • Manage settings for the proxy server you use. • Choose if you want the password-protected tunnel to remain closed or be left open. • Set

System Requirements:

Minimum specifications: OS: Windows XP Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 or equivalent AMD64 Memory: 512 MB of RAM recommended Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS or ATI Radeon™ X1650 or equivalent Hard Disk Space: 4 GB available hard disk space required Sound Card: DirectX® 9-compatible sound card required Recommended specifications: OS: Windows Vista® Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo E6600 or equivalent AMD64 Memory: 2 GB of RAM recommended